Traditional tales – endings

For our homework, we had to finish off a traditional tale. We were given the opening to the story and here are our endings!

The Three Wishes

Once upon a time there was a small wooden hut in the middle of a forest.
Bobby lived with his family: his mother, his father and his baby sister.
They were very, very poor and had to grow their food in the tiny garden in front of the house.
They were always hungry and only had the clothes they stood up in.
One day Bobby was playing in the forest with 3 beautiful feathers he had found.
Just then a tiny man with a green pointed hat, appeared before him.
“I will give you 3 wishes,” said the man, “one for each of those feathers. Give me the feathers and whatever you wish for will come true.”

5 thoughts on “Traditional tales – endings

  1. MH

    Bobby handed over the longest feather and said, ” I wish for me and my family to be the richest people ever, instead of the poorest.”
    Just as Bobby finished saying the end of the word poorest, the tiny, green man disappeared into thin air. Nothing happened. Bobby went back into his tiny hut, with tears filling his eyes. He told his family, about how they could have been rich, they just sighed, “Maybe it was too selfish, being rich. That tiny, green man could have been poor, like us.”
    This made Bobby think. He thought hard, making his head hurt with fear and sadness, but yet the morning was still to come. Once Bobby woke up he saw that he and his family had a normal-sized house and more clothes, he had food and water and money. He wasn’t the richest but he and his family were happy.

  2. ONB

    The boy gave him the feathers, he spoke his first wish. “I wish me and my family were not poor any more. ”
    With a bang the wish was granted. Then he whispered his next wish. “I wish my house could be a brand new one.” Whispered the boy in a very low voice. A smug smile appeared on his face his final wish was to have his feathers back. At this point the tiny man was distraught because he had been tricked by the boy. The man granted the wish and disappeared as quick as lightning.

  3. MP

    He wished for everyone to be rich,never to make anyone ill and everyone to have a good home with unlimited food. So then he gave the man the 3 feathers and ran inside to tell his family what had happened! His father believed him but his mother and baby sister didn’t believe him.
    “It’s just nothing,”said his mother.
    “He told me he wished for 3 things!See!”shouted his father.
    “Oh right!”said his mother. It made them feel like they were in a 5 star rated hotel with loads of relaxation and even a servant! So they could do whatever they wanted for the rest of their life!
    The end

  4. lc

    So Bobby gave the little man the three feathers.
    “Now make your wishes,” said the little man.
    “I wish I had infinite amounts of food and to be ….”
    “You can only make one wish a day,” interrupted the little man.
    “OK,” mumbled Bobby, so Bobby went home, opened the door and ……..CLAT CLAT CLAT!!!!!! The food kept on coming out of the house. Bobby saw the little man laughing.
    “GRR!”growled Bobby.
    “HA HA HA!” chuckled the little man.
    “I will give you another wish. OK?” said the man. Bobby snatched the feathers from the little man’s hand.
    “Give me the feathers back please,” begged the man.
    “Only if you let me make a wish first,” lied Bobby.
    “OK.” said the little man sweetly.
    “I wish I was rich!” wished Bobby.
    “Now please can you give me the feathers.” begged the little man even harder than before.
    “NO!”shouted Bobby. Then Bobby looked in his wallet and saw a massive amount of money. He ran to his family and told them he had a massive amount of money.
    And they never saw the little man again.


    or did they see the little man again?

    They did! But he was too scared to go near them because Bobby had turned into an ogar and then…..Bobby gobbled the little man up!

    “That little man was tasty!”
    said ogar Bobby in a voice like an angry human.


  5. DH

    The Three Wishes:

    1st wish. I wish for my family not to be poor,
    2nd wish. I wish that every thing I touch turns into gold
    3rd wish. I wish I could go to school.
    After making his wishes, Bobby went home. When he arrived home, he touched his mum and his mum turned into gold so the rest of his life his mum was a statue! He exclaimed “I will never wander off into the woods again.”
    THE END!!


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