Setting description

We have been learning how to describe a setting in a narrative. Firstly, we read a WAGOLL about a dark and sinister cave and produced a success criteria for us to use ourselves in our own writing.

Please read the comments section and see if we’ve managed to use all of the success criteria in our own pieces of writing.

Success Criteria
– Effective adjectives
– Short effective sentences
– Elipse
– Similes
– Paragraphs
– Verbs
– Adverbs
– Keep the reader guessing
– Cliffhanger
– Use our senses
– Fronted adverbials

One thought on “Setting description

  1. Reuben

    The wolf woke up. Red. Dark red everywhere. He looked at himself. He was black withJapan ninja mark on. It was peaceful. Too peaceful like you could fall asleep without worrying and misty like the clouds have dropped from the sky. Suddenly the wolf could hear screaming. Anti mute screaming.
    A sinister monster was flying in the sky. He walked to the window. He stepped on something it shimmered. It felt like a load of triangles squashed together and exploding.
    He gazed out. He was in dark land that’s why he saw monsters.As quick as a flash there was fire everywhere…

    Made by ReubenMiller


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