In Year 3, we’ve been learning the properties of 3 different triangles.

An equilateral triangle. All of the edges are equal in length and the angles are equal.

A scalene triangle. All the edges have different lengths and the angles are different.

An isosceles triangle. 2 of the edges are equal in length but the 3rd is different. 2 of the angles are equal but the 3rd is different.

Can you name each of the triangles below and explain why you think so?




Our Learning Charter

In Year 3 we will ensure we do the following:

  • Listen intently to adults and children when they are speaking. (Track the talker!)
  • Always try our best and not be afraid of challenges in our learning.
  • Be resilient.
  • Respect our learning environment.
  • Create an environment which allows for learning to take place.

Welcome to Year 3

Hello and welcome to the Year 3 blog page.

Important information for Year 3 parents.

PE days:  Monday and Tuesday

Homework:  Each week, a piece of Literacy and Numeracy will be given out on Friday and will be due in the following Friday.

Spellings:  At the beginning of each half term, a list of spellings will be sent home.  This will be split into different weeks.  Every Friday, your child will be tested on several spellings from that week plus some from previous weeks.  Letter formation and the use of capital letters is really important with the spellings to reinforce other aspects of Literacy we will be working on at school.

Finally, please do come in and speak to me regarding any concerns you may have regarding your child.